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Get Coverage

Apply for Coverage

Can I apply for coverage in-person or over the phone?

Yes. In-person help is available through navigators or brokers in your area. Free options are available. To get help, select "find in-person help" under Customer Support on Or, use our mobile app, WAPlanfinder, to find help nearby.

Apply for Coverage Steps

What should I do next if I’m eligible for a plan? 

If you're eligible for a plan but haven't enrolled yet, go online to to shop and finalize your health and dental coverage.

Financial Help

Can I get financial help?

Depending on how much you earn, you could get financial help with the cost of coverage and out-of-pocket costs.

Types of financial help include:

Dental Coverage

How do I get dental coverage?

Apple Health & Dental
Dental is included under Apple Health coverage for both adults and children. Once you’re enrolled in Apple Health, you don’t need to purchase a separate dental plan.
Learn more about Apple Health dental coverage for adults and children.

Dental Coverage
Dental plans can cover just adults, adults and children, or children only. Anyone who is eligible and enrolls in a Qualified Health Plan is eligible to enroll in a dental plan. You’ll get to decide which household members you’d like to cover as you shop.

Households can only sign up for one dental plan. If the household is eligible for tax credits, it will only be applied to the health plan, not the dental plan.

Shopping for Dental
You can shop for dental plans the same way you pick a health plan – sort, filter, and compare options side-by-side. You can also view your total monthly costs for both health and dental before you confirm your coverage.

Pediatric Dental
Dental coverage for children is an essential health benefit, which means any child on your application who is 18 or younger is required to enroll in a dental plan.

Dental plans for children are available through Washington Healthplanfinder as family plans or as pediatric-only plans. Benefits for children don’t differ between family plans or pediatric-only plans. The only difference is that with family dental plans, all members of your household (including adults) can be covered.

Things to consider when enrolling your child in a pediatric-only dental plan:

  • Pediatric-only dental plans are not necessarily cheaper than dental coverage that covers the entire family. Plans and prices are different for each insurance company. Compare your options to make sure you pick the right coverage for your family.
  • If your child is eligible for Apple Health, you don’t need to enroll them in a separate dental plan.
  • Because dental coverage for children 18 or younger is considered an essential health benefit, an annual out-of-pocket maximum applies to any dental plan your child is enrolled in. Dental is not an essential health benefit for adults so the same annual out-of-pocket maximum does not apply.

Tax Credits

Am I eligible for tax credits if I am offered coverage through my work?

Most people who are offered coverage through work are not eligible for tax credits. If your insurance through work costs more than 9.5% of your household income to cover just you, then you might be eligible for tax credits.

Tax Credits for Dental Plans

Do tax credits apply to Qualified Dental Plans?

No. Tax credits only apply to Qualified Health Plans. 

Washington State Residency

Do I need to be a Washington State resident to sign up for coverage?

Yes. You must be a Washington State resident to sign up for coverage through Washington Healthplanfinder. Residency means that you intend to live in Washington State on more than a temporary or transient basis.

Apple Health rules on residency can be found in WACs 182-503-0520 and 182-503-0525.

U.S. Citizenship

Can I get insurance even if I am not a US Citizen?

Many non-citizen residents are eligible for coverage through Washington Healthplanfinder, and there are programs available which provide coverage for non-citizens regardless of their immigration status.

Citizenship or Immigration Status

Does Washington Healthplanfinder share my citizenship or immigration status information?

There are laws protecting your personal information.

Federal and state laws generally protect the privacy of people who apply for or receive health care coverage, nutrition, economic support, or other public benefits. Information provided through Washington Healthplanfinder is shared with other government agencies only for purposes of determining eligibility for health insurance coverage.

American Indian or Alaska Native Programs

What programs are available to me if I am a member of an American Indian or Alaska Native tribe?

American Indians and Alaska Natives with lower incomes can get a discount on their out-of-pocket health care costs through cost-sharing reductions. Some tribal members may be able to enroll in coverage with no deductibles, co-insurance, or co-pays. Tribal members can enroll in any metal level to get lower out-of-pocket costs.

American Indians and Alaska Natives can apply for coverage outside of the open enrollment period. Your tribe may also offer a sponsorship program to help you pay your monthly premium.

Find out more about American Indian and Alaska Native coverage.

Long-term Disability Services

What if I need long-term care services or health coverage because of a disability? 

When you fill out your Washington Healthplanfinder application, you will provide information about your disability or need for long-term care. You will have the option to send your information to Washington Connection, a website you can use to apply for these services.

Filing Your Taxes

Do I have to file taxes to apply for coverage? 

No. However, if you enroll into a Qualified Health Plan with tax credits, you must file your taxes for the year that you receive tax credits.

Enrolling for Coverage as a Minor

How do I sign up for coverage if I am a minor?

Minors can sign up by calling the Customer Support Center at 1-855-923-4633. Only customers 18 and older can apply online.