Other Savings

Washington Healthplanfinder offers ways to save you cannot find anywhere else. You could save on monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs. Depending on your household, you could even get free coverage.

How to Apply for Savings

Premium Savings

Your premium is the amount you pay each month for your health plan. You must pay your premium even if you do not get any health care services.

If you qualify for premium savings, the amount you can get will be shown in your account dashboard.

Tax Credits

Tax credits reduce the amount you pay for your health plan each month. They are paid by the government and applied to your health plan’s premium. Tax credits are only available through Washington Healthplanfinder.

Your income and the size of your household affect the amount of tax credits you can get. The lower your income, the more tax credits you can receive.

How to Change the Amount of Advanced Premium Tax Credit You Receive Monthly

You can change the amount of monthly tax credits you receive at any time. To make a change, sign in to your account and select "Update My Tax Credit" from the Account Home page. Enter how much tax credit you want to receive each month (up to your monthly maximum) and select "Next" to finalize your update. See detailed instructions on How to Change the Amount of Advanced Premium Tax Credit You Receive Monthly (PDF).

Changes made before the 15th of the month will be effective the next month. After the 15th, changes will occur in the 1st of the following month.

For example:

  • Change is made on January 10th; the change is effective February 1st.

  • Change is made on January 16th; the change is effective March 1st.

Out-of-Pocket Cost Savings

Out-of-pocket costs are what you pay for health care. They can include your deductible, co-insurance and copays. Any amount that is not covered by your health plan is an out-of-pocket cost.

Cost-Sharing Reductions

Cost-sharing reductions lower the out-of-pocket costs of your health plan. You qualify for cost-sharing reductions based on your income. The lower your income, the more you can save. You must sign up for a Silver plan to get these savings.

Washington Apple Health (Medicaid)

Apple Health is the name for Medicaid in Washington. Apple Health is free or low-cost health insurance coverage for those who qualify. Covered services include primary care, emergency visits, maternity services, pediatric care, dental services, vision care, prescription medications and more.