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Application Help

Get Help

How do I get help with my application?

Our Customer Support Center can help individuals, families, and small businesses fill out the application or answer questions about financial help and the enrollment process. Help is available in over 200  different languages.

Phone: 1-855-923-4633

TTY/TDD: 1-855-627-9604

Navigators get you enrolled and answer general questions. Insurance brokers help you shop plans, understand financial help, and get you enrolled. Their services are most often free.

Complete Application

How do I complete my application?

Sign in to your account at and select "Complete My Application". You'll be taken to the spot in your application where you left off last.

Use our mobile app, WAPlanfinder, to find in-person help in your area.

Create Account

How do I create an account?

Click “Sign In” on the homepage. On the sign in page, you will see a link to create an account.

Create a Password

How do I create a password for my account?

Your password should be 8 characters or more. It must include at least one special character, lower case letter, upper case letter and number.

Password Expires

How often does my password expire?

Your password expires after 430 days.

Forgot Username or Password

What if I forgot my username or password?

Do not create a new account. First try to retrieve your username or password.

Call our Customer Support Center if you still cannot log in.

Phone: 1-855-923-4633

TTY/TDD: 1-855-627-9604

Click here for up-to-date Customer Support Center hours.


Password Tips:

Your password should be 8 characters or more. It must include at least one special character, lower case letter, upper case letter and number.

Unlock Your Account

How do I unlock my account?

Your account will automatically unlock after 30 to 35 minutes following your last sign in attempt or follow the steps below:

  • Click “Sign In” on the homepage
  • Click “Unlock Account” on the page that says your account is temporarily locked,
  • Enter your username and click “Next”
  • Enter the code we sent to your email

If you are still having trouble unlocking your account, call our Customer Support Center at 1-855-923-4633

Lock Symbol

Why is there a lock symbol on my screen?

Lock symbols appear on plans that cannot be selected.

Contact System Administrator

How do I contact the system administrator?

If you get this error, call our Customer Support Center at 1-855-923-4633 or TTY: 1-855-627-9604 for assistance.

Finish Later

What does the “Finish Later” button do? 

Selecting "Finish Later" saves your application information and returns you to your account dashboard. 

When you want to continue applying, choose "Complete My Application" from the menu on your dashboard. 


How do I find if my prescriptions are covered? 

When you are selecting a plan, add up to 5 prescriptions to see if they are covered by each plan. 

Provider Coverage

How do I find out if a doctor, dentist, or specialist is covered? 

When you are selecting a plan, add up to 5 doctors, dentists, facilities, or specialists using the provider search to see if they are covered by each plan.

You can also use this tool to find a new doctor, facility, or dentist, but we always recommend you contact the provider directly to make sure they still take your chosen insurance and are accepting new patients. 

We regularly verify information through outreach to providers and facilities. We cannot guarantee that the added providers, specialists, and facilities are covered. Contact your health care provider, specialist, or facility to confirm that they accept your coverage.

Verification Forms

Where do I find verification forms?

Verification forms can be downloaded online.

Add Pages to Submitted Documents

How do I add another page to a submitted document?

If you've already submitted a document but need to add another page, go to your "Document Center" and then the "Submitted" tab. Select "Submit Another Page" under the document you want to add another page.