What is Smart Planfinder?

Smart Planfinder is a tool to help you find the best health coverage for you and your family. When you are shopping, use Smart Planfinder to answer a few questions about your household's care needs and preferences. Smart Planfinder will recommend a few health plans that are most likely to meet your needs based on the information you provide. 

Smart Planfinder tells you if your doctor is in-network and your prescription drugs are covered. You can use Smart Planfinder to see if a plan covers your providers and prescription drugs. You can search up to 5 providers and/or facilities and up to 5 prescription drugs at a time through the tool. Smart Planfinder will let you know which plans cover these preferences. If you are choosing a plan based on provider, we recommend that you call the provider to see if they are still in-network for the plan. Provider contracts with health plans can change at any time of the year, but we do our best to keep our records up to date.

Smart Planfinder estimates your total yearly costs. Costs are important when selecting a health plan. Smart Planfinder asks you a couple of questions about your expected use of medical care and prescription drugs. These questions will help us estimate your total costs for the year for each plan. This includes both premiums and out-of-pocket costs like copays, deductibles, and coinsurance. Your answers to these questions will not affect your eligibility result or premium for any plan.

Smart Planfinder highlights up to three Smart Choice plans for you and your family. Smart Choice flags appear on plans that are recommended for you and your family. A Smart Choice recommendation considers total yearly costs and coverage of preferred providers and prescription drugs when making a recommendation.

Smart Planfinder allows you to compare important plan information side-by-side. We try our best to make an overall recommendation but know that your preferences are personal. One plan may be the best plan in terms of cost but does not have your provider in-network. Smart Planfinder makes it easy to compare all this information side-by-side.