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Learn About Financial Help

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Free or Low-Cost Coverage
Washington Apple Health provides free or low-cost coverage that includes preventative care, like cancer screenings, prescription coverage,
treatment for diabetes and high blood pressure, and many other health care services. You must meet certain requirements and have income below the limit to qualify.

For most people, Apple Health is free but some families may have to pay a monthly premium. Learn more about eligibility requirements for Washington Apple Health programs. Apply any time of the year to see if you qualify.

Other Ways to Lower Your Costs
You may be eligible for financial help to reduce your monthly premium amount or lower your out-of-pocket costs. When you apply you’ll find out if you’re eligible for these savings. 


Lower Costs on Monthly Premiums with Tax Credits
Tax credits help lower the cost of your health insurance premium payments each month.

You’re eligible for tax credits if you:

  • Enroll in health insurance through Washington Healthplanfinder
  • Are within certain income limits
  • Don’t have access to other insurance options through work or another government program
  • Are a U.S. citizen or legal resident
  • Don’t file a tax return as married filing separately

If you’re eligible for tax credits, you can choose to use some or all of your tax credit to lower your monthly premium payment, or wait to get
all of your tax credit when you file your federal income tax return. You can change the amount of tax credits you use monthly through your
Washington Healthplanfinder account. You must file your federal income taxes to get premium tax credits.


Lower Costs at the Doctor’s Office with Cost-Sharing Reductions
Through Washington Healthplanfinder, you may be able to lower the costs you pay when you get health care. This is called cost-sharing
reductions and means you could pay less for things such as doctor’s visits, lab tests, and drugs. Whether you qualify for lower costs depends
on your income and family size. The lower your income, the more cost savings you can get.

To qualify for lower costs at the doctor’s office, your income must be below a certain level and you have to choose a Silver plan.

American Indians and Alaska Natives can also qualify to get these cost-sharing reductions when they enroll in a Bronze or Gold plan.