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Cascade Health Plans

What are Cascade Care plans?

Cascade logoCascade Care plans consist of Cascade and Cascade Select (public option) plans. These plans use standard cost-sharing designs, making shopping and comparing plans easier.

Cascade Care plans offer deductibles that are on average $1,000 less than other plans. These plans cover more services before meeting a deductible, including primary care visits, mental health services, and generic drugs.

Cascade Care Plans offer Washingtonians more choices and access to high-value plans that cover services before the deductible. Get started! Check out available plans.

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What are Cascade plans?

Cascade plans are a type of Qualified Health Plan offered by insurance carriers on the Exchange. These plans have a standard cost-sharing design at each metal level, meaning they have the same deductible, copays, and co-insurance for medical services. The plans offer the same services before the deductible, no matter which carrier is offering it.

As a result, customers can easily and accurately compare plans based on premium price, provider networks, customer service, and quality.

What are Cascade Select plans?

Cascade plans and Cascade Select plans have the same standard cost-sharing benefit design across insurance carriers. Cascade Select plans must also meet additional quality, value, and provider reimbursement standards established by the state. 

Health Plans Offered on Washington Healthplanfinder

  Non-Cascade Plans Cascade Plans Cascade Select Plans
Eligible for tax credits Check


Check Check
Plan is a Qualified Health Plan (QHP), and must provide the essential health benefits, follow limits on lower out-of-pocket costs, and meet other requirements.  Check Check Check
Plan includes the 10 essential health benefits, such as doctor visits, prescription drugs, lab tests, preventive and mental health services.  Check Check Check
You can compare plans based completely off their network (facilities and providers that provide health care services) and premium (the cost of your health insurance plan per month).   Check Check
More services are available to you before meeting your deductible. This includes primary and urgent care, mental health services, and generic drugs.    Check Check
Plans are sold only on Washington Healthplanfinder   Check Check
Health plan is offered in every county in Washington.  Check Check  


Find more in-depth information on how Cascade Care creates new coverage options that are available exclusively on Washington Healthplanfinder.

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