Report a Change

You should keep your information up to date when you are covered through Washington Healthplanfinder. You can do so by signing into your account and reporting a change. This makes sure that you receive the right amount of financial support.

Changes You Should Report

The lists below show examples of changes you should report. You get 60 days from the event to report a change if you have a Qualified Health Plan. If you have Washington Apple Health, you get 30 days.

Income Changes

  • An increase or decrease in household income of $150 or more*

*If your household income changes weekly or every two weeks, report the total change for the month. Learn more about reporting income.

Coverage Changes

  • Getting coverage through a job
  • Getting coverage through a public program (such as Washington Apple Health or Medicare)
  • Loss of free COBRA coverage
  • Loss of other health coverage

Household Changes

  • Birth or adoption
  • Pregnancy
  • Marriage or divorce
  • A dependent turning 26 years old
  • Death
  • A dependent has been added or removed
  • Moving
  • Changes of name, date of birth or Social Security Number

Other Changes

Why You Should Report Changes

Increase of Income or Loss of a Household Member

Report these changes because you may get less financial support. You will have to pay the extra money back when you file taxes if you do not.

Decrease of Income or Gaining a Household Member

Report these changes because you may get more financial support. This can lower the amount you pay monthly. You could also get free or low-cost coverage through Washington Apple Health.

Changes that Qualify You for Special Enrollment

Some changes let you sign up for a new health plan any time of year. These include marriage, birth, loss of coverage and more. Report these changes to make sure you have the best plan for your current situation.

How to Report Changes

  1. Visit or get the WAPlanfinder app.
  2. Sign into your account.
  3. Select “Report a Change.”
  4. Answer the questions that apply to you.
  5. Submit your application.
You will get new results once you report your changes. These results will tell you:
  • If you qualify for Washington Apple Health or a Qualified Health and Dental Plan
  • If you qualify for special enrollment
  • The amount of financial support you can get

Customers with a Qualified Health Plan or a Qualified Dental Plan

You must report changes by the 15th of the month. This makes sure your coverage starts the next month.

If Your Tax Credit Amount Changes

You can adjust the amount of tax credit you use to lower your monthly payments.

Shopping Eligibility

For certain changes that qualify you for a special enrollment period, there are various rules that may allow you to add new members to your current coverage, or shop for new coverage altogether. Whether you can add a member or shop all depends on your current situation and the change that you report.