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Apply for free or low-cost Apple Health year-round

Apply for free or low-cost Apple Health (Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program, CHIP ) year-round. See the eligibility requirements for free or low-cost Apple Health. ​​​​

  • How to apply for free or low-cost Apple Health:
    • New? Create an account and apply
    • Existing account? Sign in and update (report a change) your income to see if you qualify for free or low-cost Apple Health or other financial help. 

Apply for other insurance and financial help (tax credits) with a Special Enrollment year-round

If you do not qualify for free or low-cost Apple Health, you can still qualify for a Special Enrollment to get health insurance (if you have life changes that qualify you).

Qualifying life changes include things like: 

  • Losing job-based coverage,
  • Income changes
  • Having a baby
  • Getting married
  • Gaining a household member (dependent)
  • or have certain other life changes. 

A Special Enrollment is a time outside of open enrollment You may qualify for a special enrollment period if you or anyone in your household had certain life changes in the past 60 days.  Once you’ve had a qualifying life event, your household has 60 days to sign up for coverage or shop for a new plan. 

Apply for a COVID-19 Special Enrollment

If you are not eligible for free or low-cost Apple Health or a Special Enrollment through a qualifying life event, you can request a COVID-19 Special Enrollment through May 8th.

Other examples of life qualifying events that may qualify you for a Special Enrollment: 

  • Adding a dependent or becoming a dependent
  • Losing a dependent or dependent status*
  • Filed or reconciled taxes for a year that you received health insurance premium tax credits
  • Change in program eligibility or amount of financial help*
  • Losing other health coverage (i.e., job loss, divorce, loss of Washington Apple Health or WSHIP coverage, etc.)
  • Permanently moving from a location in the United States to Washington, or to a new county within Washington, only if you had minimum essential coverage for at least one day within the 60 days before you moved
  • Permanently moving from a location outside the United States to Washington
  • A change in citizenship or lawful presence status
  • Getting released from jail or prison
  • Tribal membership
  • Gaining access to a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) through your employer. More information about HRAs can be found here
  • *This is for currently enrolled customers only.

    These changes do not count as a qualifying life event:

  • Choosing to stop other health coverage
  • Being terminated for not paying your premiums
  • Finding out your doctor isn't covered through your plan.

Special Circumstances
Certain special circumstances may also qualify you for a special enrollment period.

Examples of special circumstances:

  • Survivors of domestic abuse/violence or spousal/domestic abandonment. Read more about survivors of domestic violence applying for coverage.
  • Errors of Washington Healthplanfinder (includes system errors that prevented you from getting coverage)
  • Customer working with Washington Healthplanfinder staff on an enrollment issue that did not get resolved before the end of open enrollment
  • Contract violation by the Qualified Health Plan
  • Additional exceptional circumstances as defined and approved by the Washington Health Benefit Exchange
  • Uninsured during COVID-19


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