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Get Your 1095 Tax Form

Your 2018 1095-A Tax Form is Coming

Customers enrolled in a Qualified Health Plan will receive a 1095-A tax form by early February. If you were enrolled in more than one plan during the year, you’ll get a 1095-A for each plan. Customers enrolled in a catastrophic health plan will not receive a 1095-A. 

When our system is back up, sign in to your account and select Message Center to view your tax form.

While we are down, view your 1095-A tax form through the mobile app
While the system is down you can go to or download the WaPlanfinder App and select Message Center to view your 1095-A tax form.

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Request Your 1095-B Tax Form While We Are Down

Customers enrolled in Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) will receive a 1095-B from the Washington State Health Care Authority. If you lost or didn't receive your form, you must contact the Health Care Authority.

Request Your 1095-B Tax Form



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